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Auto & Home Insurance Coverage with Carolinas Choice Insurance

If you need Auto Insurance, it doesn't matter if you're a new or experienced driver or even if you have some tickets. We believe everyone is entitled to a suitable and affordable insurance policy. We can also help you choose the right policy for your vehicle.
Types of Vehicles we cover:
  • Cars & Trucks
  • Motor Homes
  • Motorcycles
  • Watercraft's
  • Mopeds
  • ATV's
And so much more. Contact us today for your Coverage Estimate.
House – Hone Insurance in Spartanburg, SC
Don't let your investment remain unprotected. Choose coverage that is right for your home today.

For most people, a home is the most expensive and valuable asset they own. It's crucial to choose an insurance policy that protects this asset. Home Insurance can cover a variety of potential problems, including; fire, flooding, theft and other causes of damage or loss.
You should carefully consider what you need before choosing a Home Insurance Policy. Factors to consider include the value of your home, your neighborhood and the level of protection that will make you feel most comfortable. We will carefully explain to you all of your options and help you identify the insurance solution that's most appropriate for your needs.

We'll find a home insurance policy that's right for you regardless of your home's value. We work with homeowners with homes worth over $1,000,000 as homes worth under $50,000. We can help you overcome issues involving claims. Even if you have credit problems, we can help you find an insurance policy.
If you need a home insurance policy, give us a call, contact us online or stop in our office in Spartanburg. We'll be glad to provide you with information and a free quote.

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