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With a commitment to serve and access to an extensive network of insurance providers, our focus is to provide you with the best coverage options possible. Caring for our clients is our top priority and we work intently to find the right protection for their homes, vehicles and businesses.


Everyone knows that if you drive a motor vehicle, the law says you need insurance. At Carolina’s Choice Insurance we do much more than make sure your vehicle is legally covered. Our team of experts is committed to finding our customers the perfect insurance in terms of coverage and affordability. Providing excellent coverage is not where our job ends. Carolina’s Choice Insurance is dedicated to giving all of our insured drivers the support they need before, during, or after an automobile accident. We work with drivers of all experience levels to make sure you and your family have the best auto coverages to hit the road with total confidence and peace of mind.


Owning a home is often the largest and most important investment one makes in their life. At Carolina’s Choice Insurance we strive to ensure that this investment is protected through a variety of coverage options tailored to fit our clients’ needs. There are many variables to consider when purchasing home insurance and we will carefully and diligently walk you through every step of the process. Fire, flooding, theft and other causes of damage or loss are unfortunate but they do not have to be disastrous if you are prepared. There is no better preparation for the unforeseen than to make sure your home is insured by one of our comprehensive policies.


Owning and operating a business is stressful enough when things are running smoothly; still, as a business owner one must be prepared for potential problems that may arise. Commercial insurance helps to guard your business from things like property damage, theft or even lawsuits. Not only does this insurance cover the amounts of these claims, but it also can protect you from any lost income that you incur as a result. Carolina’s Choice Insurance Agency offers commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, and business income insurance along with a variety of specialized plans which can be custom designed to fit all of our clients’ specific needs.


We offer cyber liability coverages to help you manage risks resulting from data loss, data breaches, malware, viruses and more. Anything worth having comes with some risk — allow us to help you mitigate that risk so you can focus on what really matters — running your business.


Taking care of your loved ones is a top priority. But, what happens if you are no longer around to do so? Life insurance is an affordable and reliable tool to protect your family’s financial future. While insurance can replace your income for your dependents, it can also help to cover funeral and burial costs and even medical debts not covered by health insurance. Whether you are looking for the affordability of term life insurance, the security of whole life insurance, or a combination of both — our promise is that we are committed to making sure your loved ones are protected in the event of an untimely passing.


We’ve partnered with industry-leading specialty insurance companies to help you find coverage for those one-of-a-kind items you love most.

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